Heri Martínez de Dios is the CEO and Founder of GLADIUS®. Being an EMMY® Award-winning Executive Producer, he is recognized and honored as a constant innovator, civic leader, educator and a visionary by those in his industries, as well as by accrediting committees, the media, Government, peers, students and his powerful Creative Team. He has been featured and profiled in different publications, magazines, newspapers and social media covering his magnificent portfolio and accomplishments.


GLADIUS a platform where peers, producers, skilled talents and artists, unite forces to create, produce and publish spectacular projects. One of the principle advantages of GLADIUS is that we can scale as needed per project providing the necessary resources to execute any size project from conception to completion. Our studio’s fantastic physical location is fully equipped with the latest state of the art technology, and our team collectively has over 20 years of experience.



A powerful Team. A powerful team of Animators, Digital Artists, Programmers and Film experts, forms the Dream Team of Gladius. Ready to create and develop award quality outstanding results to any desired project with the best prices.