Can the public tour GLADIUS Studio?

Since Gladius has Intellectual and Confidential properties of our clients and own creative productions, we are a private studio, and does not offer tours.

We will like to invest in Gladius:

Thanks and smart idea! You should write to

Can I send a script, idea, sketches or synopses to Gladius?

GLADIUS, does not accept any kind of creative submission. For legal reasons, we do not accept any intellectual or creative material sent unsolicited by GLADIUS Administration.

How can I receive a Price List, Quotation, or an Estimate?

You can make such request through email to or call us to (787)790-0522. The person in charge will verify your information and if all what it’s needed it’s present, you will receive a quick answer with a quote.
There are several options:

  1. Schedule a Meeting with GLADIUS through email Email: or calling us at Office: (787)790-0522

  2. Schedule a Conference Call or a Video Conference.

We can discuss your idea, concept, or proposal to understand your project and be able to offer you great options.
Please allow us 24-48 hours on business days to work on your estimate or quotation.

What do I need to present in order to speed up this process and receive an initial quotation? 

  1. Budget available.
  2. A script, brief or description of your work
  3. Set a style or bring references
  4. Time due 

What kind of content GLADIUS does not produce?

GLADIUS does not allow projects containing racist nor denigration content involving any religion, gender, nationality, or any physical or mental impairment.

Does GLADIUS rent/loan any software, a space in the studio or equipment to other companies?

No. But in some special cases an agreement could be arranged.

Does Gladius has parking and security?

Yes, we do have great parking facilities for our clients and employees. We have security 24-7.

Is it Gladius looking to Co-produce with other Studios in Puerto Rico or Worldwide?

Gladius has a pipeline of its own ideas and projects. Yes, we also love to consider working in any exciting opportunities or co-productions with well established Companies, Studios or recognized Producers.

Operating Hours:

Monday- Friday. 9:00A.M - 6:00P.M


-Last updated: 01/25/2019